Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Student Typeface Design Workshop

As part of Cape Town Creative Week leading up to the Loerie Awards, a Typeface Design Student Workshop is taking place with Freda Sack. Freda, from Foundry Types in London, will take students through various aspects of design and the relevance of good typography. Students are encouraged to join us for this fun, interactive session. This is a two hour workshop and costs a mere R25. Please bring your pencils and drawing pads along.

The student workshop is being held at the False Bay College, Khayelitsha. I am currently awaiting GD Level Co-ordinators to see if we can accommodate this typeface workshop into the course next week. Buses will need to be organised.

Freda is also involved in ISTD (International Society of Type Designers).

There is further information about the various events and activities being held during Cape Town Creative Week here.


  1. Im interested. Can I tag along? Karin van Rhyn GD 2A 205138837

  2. Yep this sounds worth it. Lets do it!

  3. I'm in :) Riette 208095101