Thursday, 9 September 2010

From Unity to Utility

The sound of the Vuvuzela is no more now that the World Cup is over. I did see a clip on the news showing it being used in a French Political Rally to irritate and get noticed. Although a South African Invention, Vuvuzelas are made, you guessed it, in China along with the rest of the worlds plastic. So what will happen with all the used Vuvuzelas? Do we keep them on show in our living rooms? Or are they already filling the spare cupboard or dusty shelf in the garage. Mine are still lying around the back of my car hoping to get stolen at the next car wash.

There is a concern that they will end up on the waste dumps as more plastic contributions. Perhaps they will pick up a gust of wind and let out one more ceremonious irritating blast or more likely add to the planets waste. Perhaps the luckier ones will be spotted by those who make the dumps there workplace for finding use out of waste, are turn them into an item of use.

There is a competition out to do such a thing - cut out the waste fills and invent a use for your old Vuvuzela(s).
Go to blow here and see what others are thinking of doing with their used Vuvuzelas. look at the More Photos in the Flickr Feed as well as Older Entries at the bottom of the page.
If you have any Vuvuzelas you don't need then let me know as we will find an inventive use for them through a workshop of sorts.

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The Vuvention shown above is the Vuvu Steering Wheel Lock by Anica Swarts

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