Friday, 24 September 2010

Nike feat. I love dust

I love dust sent me a few thoughts he had about designing the poster

Hey wayne.

Well, Southsea is a bit of a sailor town. The royal navy is here and as you can a=imagine, tattoo culture is huge. So i went with a typical vintage pin up girl. The tattoos i used are all sorta relevant, like, Skate or Die (a classic skateboarding slogan), the NIKE SB shoe, DK (dead kennedy's, classic skatepunk band), PD (piss drunks, an american skate gang) and the caravan.

I painted the girl and tattoos by hand in ink. I drew up all the type with the pen tool in illustrator. The poster was screen printed, should be getting some soon so can send you a better shot when they arrive at the studio.

should be soething up on here soon.

thanks wayne. appreciate it man.

Go view i love dust illustration for the Nike Skateboarding poster by doing a backflip.

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