Saturday, 29 May 2010

Social Media marketing intern for Bokkie

Bokkie is looking for an inspired and design aware intern with their head to ground on South African design to cover our social media marketing channels -Facebook, Twitter and be the voice of our new blog "Bokkie Loves" -the ideal intern will be reliable, self motivated, and not only have an opinion to make but also have an interest in the social and political currents that underlie South African design.
The job requires at least 3 blog posts a week, 1 Twitter a day and a Facebook post every other day. We expect the posts to be written clearly, however we would like the tone to be playful with a fair amount of local slang, and the content to have a stronger emphasis on underground design but also to cover high end design.
This is currently an unpaid position for an initial 3 months, however there is the possibility of being promoted to a freelance junior marketing / design journalism position for the right person after a year.
The chosen intern will be invited to a lunch one a month with the marketing manager of Bokkie, and will benefit from the mentorship of Bokkie's founding partner Crystal Campbell.

If you are interested please apply by email to rosebudandgrumpers at gmail dot com with the following details: (incomplete applications will not be considered)
Subject Line: Application for Bokkie Internship
Message should contain:
Your full name
Your current course
Your main design lecturer and their email address so we can get a reference
Your mobile number
A short, 200 word, description of yourself and why you are perfect for this post
An example of a blog post, up to 100 words, with a low res jpg image of something happening at the moment that you feel is important.

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