Wednesday, 3 March 2010

TIE reflections from Bianca Luyt GD3

The workshop kicked off with strange faces and some confusion, our names got ticked to make sure we were there and then we got handed a brief and a book. Everyone looked at the book with a frown and rather read the brief. My brief was scenario 2 and my group was 11. All of us quickly got our groups together. You knew no one and everyone I knew was in different groups. At first I thought that this is not going to be fun... I was qiuckly proven wrong. My group consisted of a interior designer (Sameenah), fashion designer (Kezia) and lastly a fine artist (Stuart). They are amazing and I really grasped the fact that artists analyse the same, we go through the same process of thinking. I think everyone had their reservations to work with total strangers. To me is completed the experience. I gathered knowledge from all these disciplines and they got know what graphic design is. My group worked in a unit, never did we struggle for input from each other and we surrounded ourselves with positive thinking. After the first day we had our concept under wraps and were so exited! We got to meet our UK group via Skype. It was a bit frustrating, because of time difference to communicate through Skype so we exchanged emails, cell phone numbers and then there was Facebook. They were great and so supportive, our ideas merged and communication was always strong. We were always on the same page for that matter. Ok, so the book was not a nightmare which we all thought it would be! It was really an excellent guide to help us through the process and made sure we covered every section of group work, personal experience and how to setup a business plan. After hard work, constructive criticism from Paul our business was "up and running." The week was almost at its end. I must admit, I felt so privileged to be part of the experience. I learned so much, not only the business side of things, but the design side of things. All these disciplines collaborated with perfection. I learned not to "judge a book by its cover." Getting to know the people was most rewarding for that was the greatest fear we had. When presentation day came we were ready. It was nerve wrecking to say the least. I looked at my group and they were so confident. Stuart and I presented with the group's confidence backing us up. Strangely enough it was so much fun! We got great advice from the panel that I greatly appreciate and use! Thank you for the organisation of the workshop; it was a great platform and learning experience that I will carry with me always.

Bianca Luyt

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