Saturday, 6 March 2010

Photography Exhibition at Iziko

The Photographic Exhibition at Iziko Gallery is well worth a viewing and in aircon as well. There are a variety of categories, including black and white, and winners in them all. I am always amazed at what the younger generation are shooting in their category. All the images have technical specs to view including camera, lens, tripods and the camera settings for the displayed shot. I believe the exhibition closes on the 13th march, so if you have not gone down to view them, then get there fast - it is way well worth it, and as I said in aircon. The above, apologies for not having the photographers name, was the winner in the main category after the original winner was disqualified for using a stuffed animal in his shot.

While you in the area the Darwin display can be seen as well as various other exhibition including bushmen and taxidermy. Take a stroll to the main gallery to view the DaDa exhibition featuring a video piece by Randy Hartzenberg. If you hungry then stop by the outdoor cafe in the Gardens and have a toasted sandwich of your choice with chips - be warned they take their time!

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