Thursday, 4 July 2013

Posters With Optical Illusions Depict Plight Of Endangered Penguins

Collaborating with SANCOOB, a non-profit which aims to protect endangered animals, South African advertising agency Bittersuite has come up with a creative way to make people pay attention to the endangerment of African penguins. 

This ad campaign takes its cues from M.C. Escher and optometrists’ eye charts to create various optical illusions in the posters, making the viewer to take a closer look. 

The slogan, “See the reality before it’s too late” also complements the notion of foresight in these posters, sending an urgent message to the viewers to save these penguins before they are gone. 

While these posters are in black and white, just like penguins, the messages within them are too compelling to ignore. 

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