Monday, 1 April 2013

Jump4Heroes Eiger Wingsuit Formation BASE Jump: Celebrating British Armed Forces

"To win without risk is to triumph without glory" - Pierre Corneille


  1. why is this my homepage why are the macs so slow what did you do to them why cant i download from youtube anymore when im here im doing work i dont have internet at home i want to watch tutorials there not miss class and watch it here stop using tech to get views for your site we dont look through it we use google

  2. Hi Anonymous
    I will answer your questions one by one.
    "why is this my homepage" - this is the homepage set on all the iMacs in the Graphic design studios. This blog will have relevant design, social and interesting posts uploaded. There are also useful links which are categorized on the right side of the blog page - very useful actually.
    "why are the macs so slow" - what are using to check the speed of the iMac you are working on? In other words how do you know that they are slow? A useful answer here will help the CPUT CTS department assess the speed.
    "what did you do to them" - nothing has been done to the iMacs, however we are working on the network which will provide a faster solution to the studios.
    "why cant i download from youtube anymore..." - You may have run out of megabytes for the month. You will need to go to the IT help desk to have this checked.
    We provide digital studios for all students as many students do not have internet access outside of CPUT.
    "stop using tech to get views for your site" - I am not sure what you mean by this - please clarify.
    "we dont look through it we use google" - once again this will need some clarification in order to provide further guidance.
    If you would like to remain anonymous you can do so and if you would like to come and see me in my office for a one to one then this is also welcomed.
    We hope this answers your questions and gripes - If not I am in room 3.14.