Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Candy Land by IxD

The 2011 Btech IxD students completed their Arduino training with a collective project which was on display for a short moment on the Graphic Design Floor.
Chain reaction was the concept which showcases how interaction design is not all about going to the carnival, but it is about social relationships, our efforts to think and do things together - in another words "building an experience". Each team had to build a 3D element around the theme "Candyland" by combining a digital element which was "ARDUINO" in order to keep the ball in motion to the very end. All pieces together created a gravity fed sequence of reactions, which included lights, lifts, rails and finally, those candy balls.  
You can find out more about Arduino here.
I also encourage all students in this project to please comment below.


  1. awesome:) i love the little comment at the end of the clip...'are you coming in tomorrow?'
    well done interaction mense!

  2. A whole new look at communication... and design... always a new spin! Well done guys - really looks like fun.