Wednesday, 25 May 2011

“What a 60’s Rock n’ Roll Band Can Teach Us About Digital Marketing”

Come hear Fred Roed speak in L1 at 13:00 on Wednesday 1st June

Some points covered:  
·         How an aging rock n’ roll band managed to build and maintain a passionate community of fans (over 800,000 fans on Facebook)  
·         How that band converted its community members into customers making the band $60m per annum in merchandise a decade after they disbanded.   
·         The biggest problems we’re facing with the new age of digital marketing  
·         Why is building an online community important to modern day brands?   
·         Some profitable case studies in building online communities   
·         8 key lessons we can implement in sustainable strategies  

Presenter: Fred Roed of Worldwide Creative, who has just delivered this talk at Cape Towns recent Marketing Indaba.

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