Wednesday, 3 November 2010

juniors/graduate position

Hello my extended network of friends, Romans, countrymen.

We are looking for juniors/graduates to join our rapidly growing team of
online advertising experts and the following is an informal job spec.
Suitable candidates can contact me and I'll be able to give them more
information and answer any questions.

Our company specializes in Pay Per Click advertising on Google, Bing, Yahoo
and YouTube. If you are unfamiliar with the term, Google it and look at the
ads at the top and to the right ‑ thats what we do but theirs a lot more to
it than that. We have some of the best minds in the industry steering the
ship, we are very good at what we do and we have the local and international
clients to prove it. In a nuttshell, the potential candidates need to have
the following:

‑ A quiet ambition to succeed
‑ An awesome personality and attitude
‑ Be able to speak and type English proficiently
‑ A basic understanding of the Internet and search engines
‑ Great time and task management skills
‑ Attention to detail
‑ References that will honestly tell us how awesome they are
‑ A penchant for numbers, formulas and Excel
‑ A strategic marketing and business brain
‑ The ability to learn quickly

They don't need:

‑ Relevant experience
‑ A degree
‑ A car
‑ An uncle who is a big shot at Jupiter drawing room
‑ Design skills

I won't sugar coat the positions available: They will start by doing reports
and helping the team build accounts. At times they may find the work a bit
mundane. If they show promise their is the potential of rapid career

Please pass this on to anybody you can recommend for the position.
Candidates can contact me via email on . Recruitment
agents will be shot at first site.

Thanks in advance for helping us or for at least reading this far.


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