Thursday, 5 November 2009

Two movies worth seeing

You are invited to two movies and the SAFeAGE AGM - all in NOVEMBER!
1) Life Running Out of Control 90 Minutes
A film by Bertram Verhaag and Gabriele Krber
"Life Running Out of Control offers a uniquely wide-ranging international perspective on the science and ethics of genetic engineering. This film carries us on an enlightening journey to India, Norway, and the forests of Colombia, offering inspiring images of resistance and hope amidst the pressing concerns about the science and ethics of GMOs, corporate control of our food, and the patenting of human, animal, and plant life.
A must for those who are looking beyond the most immediate health and safety concerns, and seek to understand the wider implications of today's biotechnologies "From the genetic transformation of our food to the manipulation of the human genome, this meticulously researched, excellently photographed and multilayered documentary constitutes a rousing appeal to stop a fatal development.
" Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital Program "
The basic tenet of the film is hard to argue with: in a democratic society, citizens deserve a robust discussion of the pros and cons of a new technology whose results in the long term are difficult to predict.

When Cuba lost access to Soviet oil in the early 1990s, the country faced an immediate crisis “ feeding the population “ and an ongoing challenge: how to create a new low-energy society.
This film tells the story of the Cuban people's hardship, ingenuity, and triumph over sudden adversity through cooperation, conservation, and community. "Everyone concerned about Peak Oil should see this film." Richard Heinberg.
Produced by Community Solutions; Directed by Faith Morgan

DATES November 15 & 29 at 16h15 at the Labia on Kloof Life Running Out of Control;
and November 15 & 29 at the Labia on Kloof at 18h30 The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil.
Bookings: Phone 021-424-5927 (Cost R25.00 per movies) 50% goes to SAFeAGE 3)
SAFeAGE 2008-09 AGM
Venue: Kirstenbosch Guest House Number 14 (map to be provided on RSVP)
Date: 25th November 2009 at 10h30 a.m (followed by a light lunch).
RSVP by 20th November absolutely essential; 021-447-8445

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