Monday, 8 December 2008

Calling all Continental Contributions

We are wondering if you have any good music contacts in South Africa, or other places in the world? Or maybye you want to join our project?

The project is called PingPong Remix and is about making music together with participants form all over the world and at the same time collect money to refugees!

Here follows a description of the project and a link to our web page.

If you know any musicians and artists that might be interested, please let us know, or pass the information forward. The event starts on december 13th, so we look forward to hearing from you very soon.


PingPong Remix is a collaborative music event connecting musicians from around the world to create music together.

The Remix will take place with the Musikhjälpen event from December 13 to 19, to raise money and awareness for refugees around the world. The goal of the Remix is to break down cultural barriers and create worldwide musical exchanges.

How it works

PingPong Remix works by collecting sounds from around the world on this website. The sounds can be a basic beat, rhythm, melody, spoken word, or even just ambience sound from the artist’s culture.

Up to and during the event, you can sign up and contribute with sounds. From the website you can then download other people’s sounds and mess them up, add your own beats and melody, upload and share. During the 6 days, the online collection of music will grow and be enriched by layers and remixes from different cultures.

Make the world listen

Our ambition is that the completed tracks are put online and made available to purchase to the world, with all money going to Musikhjälpen, supporting specific refugee help programs.

Join the project!

The PingPong Remix will happen during one week. We need your talent creating sound bites, remixing and creating final tracks. Mail us at

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